Your SMS platform

We offer a state of the art SMS management platform for wholesale, enterprise and retail. The superb design of the modules has been specifically created for commercial managers within the SMS market. It allows you to have at your finger tips all the information necessary to execute your business effectively.

Simplicity with detail is the key.

With a simple click you can view Revenue, Margin, Cost, Volume, and Quality data all on one screen. With just another click you can manage your customers prepaid balances and outstanding invoices.

The platform comprises all aspects of Automated Interconnect provisioning, Switching, Routing, Pricing, Billing, Finance, Reporting and Quality management.

Are you looking to optimise your Revenue and Margin streams from SMS traffic?

Are you looking for an enhanced system that gives you the same insight into SMS traffic as you have on your voice systems?

TelXira in partnership with Horisen offer you a first class dynamic SMS platform. Book your demo for the platform now, we promise you will be impressed.

To arrange your demo please contact:

Ellen Velickovska @ or +41 76 559 48 48 
Fredy Rieder @ or +41 76 346 48 65